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“That’s Swai” as seen in Seafood Business Magazine

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SEAMAZZ Swai is a farm raised white fish in texture and mild in texture and mild in flavor. Available in retail and food service packaging. An economical choice… Read More »

Who’s Eating Swai?

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A look at the largest importers of Vietnamese Swai Vietnamese Swai is highly appreciated by local and international consumers, not only for its white muscle, high nutritious value,… Read More »

The Safety of Swai Products in Ensured by Strict Standards

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Over the years the Vietnamese Government has worked closely with the Swai Industry to ensure the safety of the products they export.  Food pellets for Swai farming need… Read More »

High In Protein, Low in Fat

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Swai fillets are widely accepted to be among the most nutritious fish available in the marketplace today.  Low in fat and high in protein, Swai is frequently on… Read More »