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Cut each fillet lengthwise into three strips, about 1 ½ inches wide. Thread each strip onto a skewer and lay them in a shallow bowl or on a cookie… Read More »

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Swai Tacos with Chipotle Coleslaw

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Cut the Swai fillets into one inch strips on the diagonal. Mix the milk, mustard, hot sauce and salt in a medium bowl or resealable plastic bag, then add… Read More »

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Curry Poached Swai Filets

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Curry Poached Swai Filets guaranteed to become a favorite dish Prepare the night before:1 can of coconut milk 1 teaspoon of sesame oil 2 teaspoons of good quality… Read More »

Grilled Swai Fish with Garlic, Wine & Sundried Tomatoes

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In a saute pan, heat butter on medium heat.  Add garlic, sundried tomatoes and lemon zest until the garlic is slightly browned.  Remove the nuts and set aside…. Read More »

Gourmet Swai with Caper Sauce

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Dredge swai filets in milk and then flour to lightly coat fish.  Heat butter in a saute pan then add capers, 1/4 cup white wine and 1/8 cup… Read More »