Swai is a farm raised whitefish with a mild, delicate taste. Because of its slightly flaky texture and mild flavor, Swai is the perfect choice for a variety of dishes. Its low cost per pound and its versatility in preparation is one of the reasons cooks everywhere are using Swai more and more. It is excellent lightly coated and pan fried, and is well suited for marinades, spice rubs and sauces.

Due to strict governmental and industry standards, Swai is among the safest fish to eat in the world. It is distributed and imported in hundreds of countries worldwide and has been gaining popularity at a record pace.

It’s an excellent source of protein and contains no carbohydrates or trans fats. Health conscious individuals are flocking to Swai because it is so low in fat and high in protein.  Because of its tender, white meat, clean taste, and great nutritional value, Swai is gaining popularity amongst consumers and chefs worldwide.

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