Vietnam brought in about 376 million U.S. dollars from seafood exports in January of 2013. This is an increase of 3.5 percent compared to the same period last year. Many claim this increase is due to the growing popularity of Swai.

The United States remained the biggest importer of Vietnamese seafood in the first month of this year, accounting for 19.15 percent of the country’s export market share, despite numerous trade barriers.  Japan was the second biggest importer with 17.81 percent followed by South Korea with 8.36 percent, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) on Monday.

Local experts forecast that the seafood sector would face many difficulties this year, including lack of capital for production, shortage of raw materials and labor force. However, due to the declining supply of fishing and breeding aquatic products in the world market, Vietnam can tap the favorable opportunity to earn about 6.5 billion dollars from seafood exports this year compared to 6.15 billion dollars in 2012.

Swai is one of the most consumed fish species in the U.S. It is a mild flavored, white-fleshed fish with tremendous health benefits at very affordable prices. Demand for Swai has in fact skyrocketed recently, most likely because of its versatility, health benefits, and relatively low cost. So, if you want to be on the right side of this trend, pick up some fillets at your local grocer and check out any one of the numerous recipes here on

“U.S. remains Vietnam’s biggest seafood importer in January”