A look at the largest importers of Vietnamese Swai

Vietnamese Swai is highly appreciated by local and international consumers, not only for its white muscle, high nutritious value, low lipid content, and the absence of horizontal bones but also for being safe to eat and for its lack of sediment and seaweed odors.

Vietnamese Pangasius products have been exported and consumed on 5 continents and in over 140 countries and territories:

  • North America (USA, Canada).
  • South America (Venezuela, Panamá, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina).
  • EU (26/27 member countries including: Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, United Kingdom).
  • Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland).
  • Asia (Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, India, Thailand and Indonesia).
  • Australia.
  • Middle East – North Africa (Egypt, UAE, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel).

In November 2012, the Vietnam Swai industry exported nearly $141.9 million of fish products. From January through November 2012, Swai was imported by a number of different countries and continents.  The EU remained the largest consumer market of Vietnam fish, while the largest single country importer was the United States, importing 21% of Vietnam’s total Swai production.

Europe 24.5%
US 21.0%
Asia 6.3%
Mexico 5.7%
Brazil 4.3%
China 4.1%
Other Countries 34.1%

This list shows worldwide the popularity of Swai.  Around the globe, consumers are taking advantage of this fish for its versatility in the kitchen and nutrition at the dinner table.

VASEP 2012